Final Fantasy 14 Golden Beaver Guide: Where Can You Find It In FF14

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of minions, some of them are quite useful to link something, and Golden Beaver is one of them in FF14, how to farm this little cute? Follow me.

Well, Golden Beavers hold a quite special position in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, because you know, this cute creature is linked to the mischievous Pixies in Il Mheg. You can easily identify this little creature since the Golden Beaver looks just like those regular beavers, however, well, golden, Fittingly, gamers could find this lovely minion as a reward through treasure hunting. Alternatively, you can easily skip the treasure hunting and then acquire the minion in more direct ways instead.

Want to check what does a Golden Beaver look like in Final Fantasy XIV; Check the image below:

Golden Beaver in FFXIV

The very first method for you to farm Golden Beaver In Final Fantasy XIV: Farm The Shifting Oubliettes Of Lyhe Ghiah:

You can take a few of your level 80 friends treasure hunting with Zonureskin treasure maps. And if you are lucky enough to land in The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah, well, just move ahead and clear the dungeon for your own treasure. Sincerely hope, the Golden Beaver minion item will drop for you. If it does what I hope for, that means you can use the item itself and you’ll be able to summon your little and cute golden beaver. If it does not drop, well, you’d better just keep spamming those treasure maps until you get your prize. The prize might include some FF14 gil, anyway, that’s not a bargaining deal, right? Of course, if you are not up for that, you can always take the much quicker option.

And about the quick option, well, here it is: Purchase The Minion Directly In Final Fantasy XIV:

For those players with deep pockets could just simply buy the minion straightforward. Though if you don’t quite have the Final Fantasy XIV gil right now, you should keep farming treasure maps anyway. You could get some other expensive loot instead, and then sell them out for profit. By doing that way, you can save up to purchase the minion once your patience for treasure hunting runs out. We all have to admit that this little golden beaver is quite popular, however, you can get your hands on it if you work hard enough.

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