Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide: Method Of Getting Big Shell Crab Mount In FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV just launched a quite adorable mount, big shell cab, and if you are a seafood lover, then this mount would be perfect for you, however, how could you acquire that mount with the least effort? Here is how.

Final Fantasy XIV Mount

Final Fantasy XIV, in order to celebrate the eventual ranking period of the Ishgardian Restoration, the 5.41 patch of Final Fantasy XIV adds several new rewards obtainable with Skybuilders’ scrips. One of them is the Big Shell mount, which allows crab players to ride around on. However, FFXIV fans need to aware that get this mount will take some massive serious time investment in the Ishgardian Restoration.

However, here I have listed two methods for gamers to get this adorable mount more quickly, if you are really interested in this mount and do not want to spend too much time on that, maybe you really should follow that step.

FIRST METHOD: You Can Buy This Big Shell Crab Mount For 8,400 Skybuilders’ Scrips

As you can see, just like other available mounts in the Firmament, first of all, gamer need to earn 8,400 Skybuilders’ scrips. Craft collectible items, some evaluation gathered materials from Diadem. Alternatively, you can find your favorite method to farm enough scrips for the mount you eager to get. Once you obtain the required 8400 scrips, you can talk to Enie, the Scrip Exchange NPC (Non-Player Character) in the Firmament, and the coordinate is (X:12, Y:14). You can buy the “Big Shell Whistle” from her and then use the item to acquire the mount. If you do not have access to the Firmament, well, you need to check out our guide on how to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration to get to that area.

ffxiv gil

SECOND METHOD: You Can Purchase The Big Shell Crab Mount On The Market Board

The second method is, if you are not up for farming Skybuilders’ scrips, well, you can buy that adorable mount straightforwardly with Final Fantasy 14 Gil. You can head to the market board and seek for the “Big Shell Whistle” item. As you can see, since this mount is just launched, the price might be very expensive, on our server, the price is around 1,200,000 ffxiv gil. However, it’s quite possible that the prices will keep going down as players burn through Skybuilders’ scrips during the Ishgardian Restoration’s final ranking period.

Those are the easiest two ways for you guys to get Big Shell Crab Mount in Final Fantasy XIV, and none of it seems quite easy, however, if you have enough scrips or gil, then the whole situation would be different. Do not know where to get enough FFXIV Gil, maybe this website could help you out. You can directly visit:WWW.FFXIVINGIL.COM.

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