FF14: Latest Heavensturn 2021 Event Guide And Rewards Included

ffxiv Heavensturn 2021

Good news: Final Fantasy XIV right now is hosting the Heavensturn event to celebrate the New Year, and of course, this guide will show you the events quest as well as rewards within FF14.

Time to celebrate now, The Heavensturn event right now is here in Final Fantasy XIV to welcome the New Year. And of course, this guide will show players how they could deal with this event and the rewards they could acquire for participating. Here comes a brief introduction of this event; The Heavensturn event is a limited-time event in order to celebrate the year of the Ox. This event officially starts on January 18th, 2021 and all the additional content that comes along with it will also appear. A lot of FFXIV gamers will want to participate because this game will give players the opportunity to play special event quests as well as claim exclusive items that are only available for Heavensturn. Right now, time is ticking therefore, here’s what players should do to get started with Heavensturn in Final Fantasy XIV.

For massive Final Fantasy starters, players will need to go to Limsa Lominsa at the Upper Decks. Over there, the player will need to talk to Ushi Bugyo to initialize the Heavensturn questline. Here are the quests that players could participate in this event.

*Steering Clear Of Trouble: Gamers will need to participate in a Level 5 FATE at Middle La Noscea.

As long as the player has officially finished the quest, then they will return to Ushi Bugyo to collect their rewards of Experience, Final Fantasy XIV gil, as well as Heavensturn Tickets. Bear in mind that these tickets are vital to collecting the exclusive items of this event. Not only that, but also the player will have the choice between choosing the Crimson Ushi Kabuto and the Black Ushi Kuboto. After that, the player will be able to participate in another quest.

*Bully for Mochi: Players will need locals advent cakes in the Upper Decks.

And now, here is what players could collect as rewards for just finishing these quests in Final Fantasy XIV: The Heavensturn event:

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn Event Rewards:

Just as I stated above, gamers would be able to turn in their Heavensturn Tickets for prizes. And that includes new items for this year’s event and items from the previous Heavensturn events. Down below is what players could acquire for 2021 Heavensturn events. All items are listed in alphabetical order:

①: 10 Magicked Prism: 1 ticket

②: 10 Zoni: 1 ticket

③: Black Ushi Kabuto: 5 tickets

④: Crimson Ushi Kabuto: 5 tickets

⑤: Handmade Akabeto: 3 tickets

In order to collect the much older items, you need to head to the Recompense Officer, and then use FF14 gil to buy the older items. These include such items as the Dragon Kabuto, Uma Kabuto, Usagi Kabuto, and much more. Just as I ever mentioned this event right now is already available and all the rewards and items will go along with it. Be sure to log in to Final Fantasy XIV and then get these done as fast as possible. This is a perfect method to ring in the new year right within the world of Final Fantasy XIV.